How to Incorporate More Math Into Your Homeschool Program

Mathematics is one of the top subjects in education today and for good reason. Many growing industries place an emphasis on mathematics, including engineering, science and technology. A strong foundation in math will serve your child in the career of his or her choosing. In order to build that strong foundation, you must incorporate math […]

How An Education In Math Will Prepare You For A Career In Technology

Math is the universal language that can be described everything around us. Unfortunately, many students find math class to be dreadful. Though there are solutions to this (such as games that make kids smarter with numbers and concepts such as money), we must instill the reality that while math class may be frustrating, it can […]

What Math Courses Do You Need to Complete Before College?

To help prepare yourself for college-level math, or just to take the entrance exams required in order to get into most colleges, it’s important to take as many higher-level math classes as you can. Freshman courses at most universities can include applied statistics and economics (depending on your major) – both of which involve using […]

Daily Habits That Will Keep Your Math Mind Sharp

Some of us have brains better calibrated for math. Some of us struggle. Either way, math–especially basic arithmetic–is essential for functioning well in modern society. But summer vacation or graduating can leave you out of practice, leading to the atrophy of the mathematical neural pathways in your brain. If you’re between school years, or haven’t […]

Adding Fractions

One of my most recent fraction calculators is a calculator to add fractions. Adding fractions is an important skill for everyday activities. When creating a calculator to add fractions, I wanted it to be simple and descriptive. The whole point of creating this calculator is to help students understand the basics of adding fractions, and […]

The Basics of a Fraction Calculator

AS you’ve probably guessed, this website is really devoted to creating calculators. Some of the calculators are very helpful, some are for fun, and many are just random ideas that pop into my head. As stated in my previous post, I’m doing some SEO experimenting with blogs. The most recent experiment is to promote the […]

Baby Names and Family Math

I recently had the joy of receiving the news that my wife is expecting our first child. While I am relishing this wonderful moment in my life, it also brings up many thoughts of responsibility. We have to go thought baby names, plan for financial changes in our budget, and change our living arrangements. I […]

Dieting – New Year, New Me?

Well, it’s another year, and I’m a little older. It seems that this is the time of the year that people are most likely to set goals. Whether they are attainable, or not, is another question. Many of these goals revolve around weight loss. And as evidenced by the amount of commercials that are related […]

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