Area of Irregular Shapes Are a Regular Pain

Area is one of the most basic fundamentals of geometry.  When we first start to study geometry and shapes, we learn about perimeters, circumferences, areas and volumes.  Of course, when we start to learn something, we start with the basics.  In geometry, the basics are the simple shapes that we learn to recognize as children.  […]

Carpenters, Using Math to Build and Construct.

Carpenters would have a hard time building anything without math.  Without the knowledge and application of math skills houses may end up looking like something from a fun park.  Constructing a solid piece of furniture, a level counter top, or a comfortable room with plumb walls requires many different math skills.  A good carpenter will have a […]

Math Should Be as Easy as Riding a Bike.

Math should be almost second nature in many aspects of your life.  You probably use math on a regular basis and don’t even realize it.  Even when you ride a bicycle you are using math concepts.  So, as the saying goes, “It’s as easy as riding a bike”.  That is how easy math should be […]

Want To Be A Pilot? You Better Have Top Gun Math Skills.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot.  I never imagined how much math was involved in flying.  I would go to airshows and imagine what it would be like to fly high and fast.  I’m sure many people share a similar story, but I would bet that many don’t recognize the […]

Driving a Car. Yep…You Use Math There, Too.

I’m a firm believer that math can be as easy, or as challenging, as we choose it to be.  But, we have to recognize the importance of math and how it helps us in our day-to-day activities.  That being said, I developed a website called CalcuNATION to help show examples of math calculations that help us.  Because of this, […]

Cooking Up Some Good Points About Math In Your Life

Cooking and math go together in an important way in our daily lives.  Why is it that many students will groan when it is time to do their math homework?  When you ask a student what their favorite subject is, most of the time you won’t hear “math”.  Do they not understand how they use […]

Another Angle on How to Calculate and Measure Angles

Angles are all over our world.  Without the knowledge of how to measure and calculate between angles, we would have a difficult time engineering and using them in our everyday lives.  One of the most important shapes in the engineering world is the triangle.  Just the name itself is made up of tri (three) and […]

The Cylinder – Not a Round Rectangle…But, Kinda…

We depend so much on the shape of the cylinder.  If you truly understand what a cylinder is, you will see that we use it everywhere.  To help understand what a cylinder is, I think it is best to imagine one.  I think of a can of food.  A can is a cylinder.  If you […]

A Short Length Blog About Length and Converting Lengths.

I don’t want to get into a lengthy discussion in a blog about length and converting lengths.  Actually, I apologize for the pun.  Length may seem like a pretty straight-forward measurement, but there have been so many ways that people have measured length through history.  It is common to make mistakes when people don’t reference the same […]

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