Math Skills That Come in Handy When Taking the GED

The GED is a test that you can take if you do not have a high school diploma. While this test covers many subjects including science, language arts, and social studies, you may find that you’ll want to spend extra time studying for the math section. Math is commonly a trickier portion and there are […]

3 Math Formulas and Equations That Are Critical to Business Success

If you’re a math student looking into the business world, certain equations can help you understand how businesses operate. If you’ve started a business, you’re probably trying to figure out the best way to track your personal success. Let’s hope that you are earning money and improving as time goes by because those are the […]

The Benefits of Technology-Focused Math Programs

Today’s youths are facing a future that’s filled with technology and nothing will change that. That’s why education needs to evolve to include as much technology as possible. Math will also continue to be prevalent in the future and, in fact, is a catalyst for the development of technology. Students need to be skilled with […]

Are We Really Going to Use This in Real Life? Practical Applications of Mathematical Concepts

No matter where we look, math is everywhere. From the games we play on our phones to the very streets we drive on, mathematical concepts were used to create much of everything we interact with on a daily basis. Math isn’t just a theoretical pursuit. Here are nine everyday uses for mathematical concepts that you […]

How to Prepare For a Career Track That Won’t Suck Your Soul (Hint: You Need Math)

Almost 95 percent of HR professionals state that burnout is preventing workplace retention. The prevalence of this in today’s world is a disturbing statistic. Many employees feel stuck in the grind for years, while others are just overwhelmed by the amount of work that they are given. Below are some tips that will help you […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in an Online University Math Program

Taking online courses can be a smart way to streamline the educational process. Online learning typically allows students to move at their own pace while avoiding the hassles of traveling to and from a classroom. It also allows for easier scheduling options. Before enrolling in any online program, you should make sure that the program […]

3 Industries Desperate for People Skilled in Math

When most people think of jobs for math majors, they often think of industries in accounting, technology, or computer applications. While these industries offer great opportunities for those skilled in math, it is also important to look outside of the box for career options. Possessing good math skills can translate to success in a myriad […]

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