3 Industries Desperate for People Skilled in Math

3 Industries Desperate for People Skilled in Math

When most people think of jobs for math majors, they often think of industries in accounting, technology, or computer applications. While these industries offer great opportunities for those skilled in math, it is also important to look outside of the box for career options. Possessing good math skills can translate to success in a myriad of job sectors. Here are three booming industries that are desperate to hire people that are skilled in math:


Construction workers and home builders use a variety of math skills on a daily basis. In addition to taking measurements for projects, construction professionals also use math to solve equations, convert quantities, and master ratios. Construction workers must also be able to adeptly convert units of measurement from one unit to another.

Although basic math is essential, it is also helpful to be proficient in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry when working in the construction industry. Home builders make careful calculations during the house planning process, which typically includes planning for needed materials, measuring dimensions, and creating home elevations. From measuring the slope of a roof to determining the exact amount of building materials needed to complete a project, the construction industry relies heavily on math skills.


Regardless of the complication level, manufacturing systems rely on math to effectively perform to standard. Many systems and standards depend on people being able to use math. With PFMEA, you use multiplication and identify major problems with your manufacturing process. Every step of the manufacturing process uses math to get to the next level. Solid math skills can help you to read gauges and employ effective building techniques. Upper management and supervisors need to be especially adept at math in order to maximize optimization and projections.

Market Research

Modern businesses increasingly rely on targeted marketing to better reach both their current and potential customers. In order to reach these people with the best optics, math must be harnessed to deliver the most accurate data. This data has applications across a variety of industries, including finance, retail, and cybersecurity. 

Data aggregation and analysis empowers companies to enhance their products, improve the customer experience, and reach a wider demographic of users. But for this data to be actionable, it must be structured, analyzed, and presented in an insightful way. That’s where math truly shines. 

Math literacy is an important skill to have in nearly any industry. The critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities provided by math experts can translate into a variety of career opportunities.

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3 Industries Desperate for People Skilled in Math

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