Why Choosing a Good School Early On is Important for Kids

When most people think about choosing the best schools for their children, they mistakenly believe this task begins with college or high school. From the time you meet your baby, you want the best for them and education is probably top of the list. While a student’s secondary and post high education is of great […]

Bald Versus Non-Bald. The Challenges of the Dome.

Being bald is more than a hair style, or in some cases, a non-hair style.  It turns into a way of life.  If you are fortunate enough to embrace your own baldness, you can find the positive aspects of being bald.  One of the most common references to baldness is that being bald is “low […]

Want To Be A Pilot? You Better Have Top Gun Math Skills.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot.  I never imagined how much math was involved in flying.  I would go to airshows and imagine what it would be like to fly high and fast.  I’m sure many people share a similar story, but I would bet that many don’t recognize the […]

No Pressure, But You Should Know More About Pressure

Pressure is a concept that can be confusing for some.  There are the pressures and stress associated with daily tasks like school work, homework, jobs and chores.  There are also the pressures associated with science.  We’re going to look at the science aspect of pressure. Pressure is mostly simply described as an amount of force […]

Your Carbon Footprint. Would You Describe It as Bigfoot?

Everyone has a Carbon Footprint.  If you are a consumer of energy that is created by fossil fuels, then there is an attributable amount of CO2 emissions that you have some responsibility for.  Even if you used solar panels on your house, drive an electric car, and think that everything you use is “green”, you are […]

An Energetic Look at Temperature Measurements

When I think of temperature, I usually think of two things.  I think of temperature as it relates to weather and I think of temperature as it relates to my health.  I’m sure I’m not alone in those thoughts.  We look at temperature measurements everyday.  Anytime you turn on the TV or radio to find […]

Don’t Wait to Learn More About Weight Conversion Math.

Weight is one of the most common measurements used in our society.  Weight is commonly used as a measurement of mass.  But, it is also used to measure the gravitational force on an object.  Because of the two uses, it can often become confusing on how it is measured and mistakes can be commonplace when […]

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