The Evolutionary Story of the Calculator: From Then to Now

In 1967 Texas Instruments released the first handheld calculator. This is the type of device that most people in this era would think of when someone says the word, “calculator.” But over the years, the calculator has taken on many incarnations. From a wood frame with moving beads, to a contraption with dials to a […]

8 Personal Finance Calculators You Can Truly Rely on

Managing money is one of those “adult” tasks that seems easy when you’re a child. At that age, it is. You know you’ll get a certain amount of money from an allowance or doing chores, and you can spend it however you wish. By the time you’re managing your own household, though, you could have […]

Top 9 Free Math Calculators for Students That Work like a Charm

  Despite what your first-grade teacher might have told you, calculators are an essential tool for solving mathematical equations. But as your problems get more complex, the calculators you need to solve them get more expensive. Scientific and graphing calculators can cost hundreds of dollars. If you don’t have the money to get these kinds […]

How are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

In an accident of any kind, there are many things that go through a person’s mind. In a car accident, for instance, there are worries about getting the vehicle back to working condition (if that is even possible) and then there are concerns about health. The more serious the accident, the more likely there will […]

How to Prepare for the Math Section on the SAT

Typically, when you think of standardized tests, the best thoughts are not likely to run through your mind. Although dreaded, these tests are usually required for admission into credited schools, especially in higher education. The SAT, like many other standardized tests, is set up in a way that requires practice and familiarity in order to […]

Adding Fractions

One of my most recent fraction calculators is a calculator to add fractions. Adding fractions is an important skill for everyday activities. When creating a calculator to add fractions, I wanted it to be simple and descriptive. The whole point of creating this calculator is to help students understand the basics of adding fractions, and […]

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