How to Prepare for the Math Section on the SAT

How to Prepare for the Math Section on the SAT

Typically, when you think of standardized tests, the best thoughts are not likely to run through your mind. Although dreaded, these tests are usually required for admission into credited schools, especially in higher education. The SAT, like many other standardized tests, is set up in a way that requires practice and familiarity in order to receive a high score. There are a number of different sections on the SAT, and if you struggle with math, this section in particular can be difficult to prepare for. Below outlines a few ways you can better prepare and practice for the math section.

How to Prepare for the Math Section on the SAT

Get a General Idea

The number one key to doing better on the SAT as a whole, is to be familiar with its content. Not only do you want to practice,, but you want to also know the format so that there are no surprises. Knowing how long you have, how many problems there are, and the type of content you will be tested on is truly an advantage come test day. For example, if you are in the math section of the test, knowing the general type of questions and formulas you will need or skills you will have to incorporate will help you move along faster.


Practice, Practice, Practice

It is also important to properly practice. Going through problems or practice tests is effective but can be even more so if done in the right circumstance. You do not want to do a few problems, take a long break and then come back whenever you feel like it. It is best if you time yourself as you will be on the actual test. This will get you familiar with the time frame and you will be able to learn to manage your time to the best of your ability. This is extremely important when it comes to the math section of the SAT, for feeling rushed can lead to basic, silly errors.


Use the Triage Method

A great technique for taking this test is to triage. This technique consists of reading the question and then choosing whether to do it now or later. This can help you complete the questions you know with confidence while also saving time. When using this technique, you are less likely to get caught up on a question, resulting in a great deal of wasted time. Arguably, this technique works best for the math section as it is very likely there will be problems you are unsure of how to start or solve, so if you triage, you will be able to work out the ones you are more comfortable with, and then come back to the tough ones.


Incorporating these tips into your study methods is sure to greatly help come test day. Be sure to look over practice tests and preparation materials. Most College Prep classes will equip you with a guide to these tests and can help you to feel ready come the big day.

How to Prepare for the Math Section on the SAT

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