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Home Improvement Projects That Are So Much Easier to Do with Math

If you’ve ever wondered when in your adult life you’d ever need to know math, try doing a home improvement project. Every building task includes math, and your work will be so much easier if you know how to apply the concepts and formulas. Installing New Flooring Measuring to install new flooring isn’t as easy […]

Why Your Home Equity is an Important Financial Tool

Have you ever wondered how your home equity could be used to your advantage? Home equity is an important financial tool that can help you throughout your life in a few different ways. Many people forget that their home equity can be used financially, since it doesn’t necessarily manifest itself in the form of physical […]

3 Great Passive Income Investments

Finding successful ways to generate passive income can be a total game-changer. If you’re able to find enough ways to make income on the money you already have, you may be able to reduce your time working at your job. Having passive income will also reduce your stress and increase your available time. Dividend Stocks […]

Baby Names and Family Math

I recently had the joy of receiving the news that my wife is expecting our first child. While I am relishing this wonderful moment in my life, it also brings up many thoughts of responsibility. We have to go thought baby names, plan for financial changes in our budget, and change our living arrangements. I […]

Area of Irregular Shapes Are a Regular Pain

Area is one of the most basic fundamentals of geometry.  When we first start to study geometry and shapes, we learn about perimeters, circumferences, areas and volumes.  Of course, when we start to learn something, we start with the basics.  In geometry, the basics are the simple shapes that we learn to recognize as children.  […]

Carpenters, Using Math to Build and Construct.

Carpenters would have a hard time building anything without math.  Without the knowledge and application of math skills houses may end up looking like something from a fun park.  Constructing a solid piece of furniture, a level counter top, or a comfortable room with plumb walls requires many different math skills.  A good carpenter will have a […]

Old MacDonald Uses Math on His Farm, E-I-E-I-O. Part 1

Old MacDonald was a business man on the farm, and used math. Farming isn’t all about growing plants, and raising animals.  It’s a business with all of the math that is associated with running a business.  Because it is a farm, not only are you using business math concepts, but there are other concepts involved […]

Get Interested in Knowing More About Interest

Everyone should have an interest in learning more about interest. That statement may sound a little silly, or redundant, but it is very true.  Interest is an aspect of finance that has become a major factor in how we live our lives.  Interest is basically a way for someone to earn money from loaning money.  […]

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