Types of Math That Are Commonly Used in Career Fields

Types of Math That Are Commonly Used in Career Fields

As a math student or the parent of a math student, you’ve probably wondered when your hours spent with math textbooks will pay off, or how they will be used in the future. While it is true that not all types of math are going to be useful to you in your future career, there are a few types of math that will be. Here are a few different kinds of math that are commonly used in career fields.

Accounting Math

First off, one of the most useful types of math is the math that is used in accounting. Accounting involves basic arithmetic, mathematical comparisons, deductions, figure analysis and calculation, and more. Most accounting tasks involve lots of math and lots of numbers. Accounting programs have boomed in the past years as there has been a high demand for accountants. If you are looking into accounting as a future career, there are definitely some types of accounting math that will prove very useful for you.


Another type of math that is commonly used in career fields is statistics. There are lots of statistics principles and properties that are used all the time in careers. For example, the Pearson correlation coefficient is critical to Six Sigma. Luckily, you don’t have to specifically specialize in statistics as a career in order to learn those skills. For example, many business managers find it useful to know some statistics in order to run their company.

Linear Math

Accounting and statistics might seem like some of the obvious types of math that are used in careers. However, linear math is another type of math that is used in many careers, like architecture, for example. Architecture and design are some of the careers that frequently use linear programming math and other types of math such as college algebra, trigonometry, calculus, probability. This helps them to design structures that will have great safety and integrity, as well as beautiful design.

So, next time that you complain about your required math classes, remember that the skills that you are learning could literally pay off in the future. There are lots of different kinds of careers like accounting, statistics, and linear math that could open up a lot of doors for your future career and lead you to something that you truly enjoy. Talk to your math teacher or an educational counselor today to see how your math education can help you in the future.

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Types of Math That Are Commonly Used in Career Fields

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