4 More Careers for Math Lovers

Many people mistakenly believe the only jobs available to math lovers involve crunching numbers in solitude. The truth is, a degree in math can become a portal to a number of amazing careers. Math lovers tend to be logical people who are able to solve problems. These abilities are vital to success in many job fields.

Software Developer

Software developers create, develop, and test computer programs and apps. Day to day job duties include participating and overseeing activities regarding programming, monitoring system performance, and producing new programs and features. A good software developer boosts business efficiency and is worth his or her weight in gold to an employer. Programmers must learn to read and write code which is something most math lovers will enjoy. And the best part is that coding has become an increasingly in-demand skill in job markets, so there will be many career options open for you.


It is the job of an economist to study and evaluate market trends. The economist is then asked to provide a forecast based on this data. Economists often perform their job duties while working with think tanks and research firms. Approximately half of all economists work for the government at some level. Understanding the economy is all about math. Lovers of math that choose this field will love to go to work every day.

Market Researcher

Market researchers collect, analyze, and evaluate market data for both consumers and competitors. Market researchers perform an invaluable service to businesses as they are the people who figure out what is desired by consumers and how much they are willing to pay for these products and services. The information needed by market researchers to perform their job duties can be acquired in a number of ways that include questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, and public opinion polls. Math lovers will thrive in this field as mathematical equations must be solved on a daily basis.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers work primarily on developing aircraft. But may also be called on to develop spacecraft, missiles, and satellites. The daily job duties of an aerospace engineer call on them to make use of complex technology, cutting-edge science, and mathematical equations. Industrial manufacturing machinery is also used by many aerospace engineers. Industrial manufacturing machinery has many benefits in the aerospace industry.

Jobs for math lovers exist across a variety of industries. If you have considered a career in a math-related subject, it is likely there are many more opportunities available to you than you originally believed. The four occupations profiled above are excellent examples of the exciting careers in which you can make use of your love of math.

4 More Careers for Math Lovers

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