4 Ways to Make Kids Interested in Math

4 Ways to Make Kids Interested in Math

Math is always going to be a part of life from calculating percentages in your head and calculating a tip to doing measurements to determine what size tub you can install in your bathroom. Unfortunately, kids can tend to either be disinterested in math or abhor it like nothing else. These tips can help you make your young ones fond of math.

Real-World Application

When it’s relegated to dry questions in a math book, kids can find math to be pretty tedious. To perk them up, try to demonstrate ways that math can be used in real life to exciting effect. You can learn some basic programming techniques and show how math allows operations to be performed successfully. If something comes up that would require a simple math formula to solve, ask if they can provide the answer.

Concepts Carry Over

One doesn’t just go from learning to count to being able to solve differential equations. Your child could be good at math but still feel unmotivated. Explain how every new concept builds on the previous ones and how success now can lead to future achievements. This can encourage them to stay involved by keeping them in anticipation of whatever challenges in math they’ll be able to conquer next.

Board Games

A family game night is lots of fun, but it can also be made into educational time with the right board games. Make it age-appropriate based on your kids’ ages. Some games are specifically designed for young children with bright colors, silly characters and other features designed to make learning fun for kids. You could also help your student, older or younger, study for tests by making a game out of his or her study guide.

Use the Internet

It used to be that how much you enjoyed learning something was based on how well it was taught by your teacher. Now there are many resources that can be used, including fun videos and websites. Look for tutorials online that will help your kids see concepts in more engaging ways. There are plenty of YouTube channels that are based on making math into something that can be more clearly explained and fun to learn about.

What’s really cool about math is how well it solves problems. Math helps instill a sense of logic in your child, so he or she can solve issues that are both math-related and not. With a greater interest in math and its related subjects, your child can be eager to learn new things and show off his or her intelligence.

Of course, beyond a certain point math can be really difficult. Use our online calculators to help you solve your math problems.

4 Ways to Make Kids Interested in Math

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