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CalcuNation is a website dedicated to being the best resource for online calculators on the internet. Created to act as a math tool for both students and professionals, CalcuNation seeks the interaction of the user to create new calculators that help with everyday math problems. With calculators added regularly, CalcuNation strives to have the largest, and most helpful, library of online calculators on the web.

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My name is Jon Richardson. I dabble in website development as a hobby and I apply and sell drive systems for heavy machinery as a career. In early 2011, I found myself spending hours with a customer reviewing the math calculations required to apply a drive system for a tracked vehicle. It then dawned on me that it would be more convenient if I created a quick online calculator webpage that he could simply input data and receive an answer. A few months later, I had a collection of dozens of online calculators for various machine applications. That is when I decided to create a website devoted to calculators. Growing up, my parents always preached on the importance of math education. Now that I'm an adult, I recognize the value of math skills in almost every aspect of life. I have created this website devoted to calculators that can be used for math education and as a resource for professionals. I encourage, and welcome, any feedback for improvements as it is my goal to create the best web resource for online calculators.

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Are you sick and tired of searching online for a specific online calculator related to your profession? Or is your desk drawer full of gadgets that you will probably never use because they are too complicated to figure out? We know how difficult it can be to remember every equation related to your profession which is why we created a large selection of online calculator programs to help make your job easier.

Students, are you tired of figuring out general to complex math problems because you can't remember all the equations you've learned in the past? From general math, nature and weather, business and accounting tools, and even percentage calculators, we have every type you need to complete your homework or job task.