Science Calculators

Science utilizes math in a practical way. Browse through some of these calculators to see how math is used in different areas of science and engineering.

Belt and Pulley Drive Ratio Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Offset Calculator

Chain and Sprocket Drive Ratio Calculator

Concrete Calculator

Cricket Chirps/Temperature Calculator

Cylinder Extension Speed Calculator

Cylinder Force Calculator

Cylinder Retraction Speed Calculator

Dew Point Calculator

Earthquake Energy Calculator

Electric Motor Horsepower Calculator

Electric Resistance Calculator

Filter Efficiency Calculator

Fuel Mileage Calculator

Gear Increaser Output Torque and Speed Calculator

Gear Reducer Output Torque and Speed Calculator

Gravity Acceleration Calculator

GPM to LPM and other Flow Rates Calculator

Hurricane Energy Calculator

Hydraulic Horsepower Calculator

Hydraulic Motor Output Speed Calculator

Hydraulic Motor Torque Output Calculator

Hydraulic Pump Input Horsepower Calculator

Hydraulic Pump Output Flow Calculator

Lightyear Distance Calculator

Liters Per Minute Flow Calculator

Mechanical Horsepower Calculator

Nm to ft/lbs Conversion Calculator

Relative Humidity Calculator

Speed of Sound Calculator (Celsius)

Speed of Sound Calculator (Fahrenheit)

Speedometer Accuracy Calculator

Tire Size Calculator

Tornado Energy Calculator

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