Cylinder Force Calculator

Calculate the extension and retraction force of a cylinder with this
Cylinder Force Calculator.

Piston End PSI:
Rod End PSI:
Piston Radius (inches):
Rod Radius (inches):
Fill in pressures and the radiuses(radii) of the piston and rod to
determine extension and retraction force.

How do you calculate the extension force of a cylinder?

To find the extension force of a cylinder, use the cylinder force formula:
Extension Force (lbs) = Piston Area x PSI

PSI = Pressure (Pounds per Square Inch)

r = Radius

Piston Area = (Pi X r2)

To find the retraction force of a cylinder, use the
cylinder retraction force formula:
Retraction Force (lbs) = (Piston Area - Rod Area) x PSI

Example: For a double-acting cylinder with a piston radius of 2 inches,
a rod radius of 1 inch, 2000 psi supplied to the base on extension,
and 2500 psi supplied to the rod end for retraction:

Extension Force = (3.1416 x 22) x 2000 psi

Extension Force = 25,132.8 lbs

Retraction Force = Annulus x 2500 psi

Annulus = (3.1416 x 22) - (3.1416 x 12) =

Retraction Force = 23,562 lbs
(rounded to the nearest 10,000th)

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