Hydraulic Motor Torque Calculator

Find the output torque of a hydraulic motor with this Hydraulic Motor Torque Calculator.

Motor Displacement (Cubic Inches):
Fill in pressure and displacement of the motor to determine output

How do you calculate hydraulic motor torque?

To find the output torque of a hydraulic motor, use this
output torque formula:
Torque (in/lbs) = (PSI x Disp) / (2 x Pi)

PSI = Pressure into the motor in Pounds per Square Inch

Disp = Motor Displacement in Cubic Inches

Pi = 3.1416 (rounded to the nearest 10,000th)

Example: The output torque of a motor with 2000psi and
2.75 cubic inches of displacement is:

Torque (in/lbs) = (2000 x 2.75) / 6.2832

Calculated out this gives an output torque of 875.3501 in/lbs.
(rounded to the nearest 10,000th)

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