Beta Ratio Filter Efficiency Calculator

Calculate the efficiency of a filter from the beta ratio with this Filter Efficiency Calculator.

Beta Ratio:

Enter a given Beta Ratio to determine the efficiency of a filter.

What is Beta Ratio?

The Beta Ratio is a filter rating on the performance of a filter to trap
particles of a set micron size, or larger.

Bx is the Beta Ratio for a filter for trapping particles of "x" microns.

To find the efficiency of a filter from the Beta Ratio:
Efficiency (%) = 100 - (100/Beta Ratio)

Example: The efficiency of a filter with a Beta Ratio (B70) of 1,000:

Efficiency (%) = 100 - (100/1,000)

Calculated out this gives a filter efficiency of 99.90% for trapping
particles of 70 microns, or larger.

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