Wind Chill Calculator (Celsius)

NWS Wind Chill calculator based on the current version updated in 2001. Calculate the wind chill in celsius with this online calculator.

Temp (Celsius):
Wind Speed (km/h):
Fill in the temperature (in Celsius) and wind speed (in km/h) to calculate wind chill.

This calculation is meant for air temperatures lower than 10 Degrees Celsius and wind speeds greater than 4.8 km/h.

How do you calculate wind chill?

To calculate wind chill use the equation:
Wind Chill = 13.12 + (.6215 x T) - (11.37 x V0.16) + (.3965 x T x V0.16)

Example: When the temperature (in Celsius) is 2 degrees, wind speed is 7 km/h, the effective wind chill is:

Wind Chill = 13.12 + (.6215 x 2) - (11.37 x 70.16) + (.3965 x 2 x 70.16)

Wind Chill = -0.08 Degrees Celsius

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