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Find the volume in yards of concrete with this online calculator.

Slab Area (feet):
Slab Height (inches):
Fill in the area of the slab and the height to determine the amount of concrete yardage.

How do you find the yardage of a concrete pour?

To find the concrete yardage, convert to the same units, then multiply the area of the pour by the height then divide by 27.

Cubic Yards = Cubic Feet / 27

Example: For a floor that is 6" thick and is shaped as a rectangle with dimensions of 40' x 60', you would multiply the area of the slab (area = 40x60, or 2400) by the height (6" or 1/2 foot).

2400 x .5 = 1200 cubic feet

1200 / 27 = 44.44 cubic yards

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