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Use this lottery calculator to find out how the odds of winning change with the amount of tickets purchased, as well as how much profit you could make if you win.

How many tickets did you purchase?

What is the cost of each ticket?

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What are the odds published for this game? (example: For 1: 35,000, enter 35,000 in the box)

What is the prize value?

Examples for Lottery Calculator

Example: For a Powerball Jackpot of $320,000,000, a ticket cost of $2.00 each,
and total odds of 1: 175,224,510.

If you purchase 10 tickets, your total cost is $20 and your new odds are 1: 17,522,451.

Other Lottery Calculations

There are other calculations to consider in regards to winning. Most lotteries give you a choice to take your winnings in a lump-sum amount, or through an annuity payment.

The lump-sum option is just what it sounds like, it's a one-time payout of the winnings. It's usually less than the total advertised jackpot and the income taxes are usually taken out at time of payment.

The annuity option is a payout over a period of time with payments given at periodic intervals. This option is usually closer to the advertised jackpot amount?

Many lottery winners choose to take the lump-sum due to the confidence that they can immediately invest it to earn a higher rate of return than what they'd receive from an annuity.

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