Miscellaneous Online Calculators

Math can be used for so many instances that may not fall into a particular category. Because of that, we have a miscellaneous calculator menu to include some of these random calculations. Browse some of these calculators for help with calculating your GPA, your pet's age, or even how long it takes to thaw a turkey.

ACT Score to SAT Score Conversion Calculator

Baby Name Generator

Bell Curve Grade Calculator

Cat Age to Human Years Conversion Calculator

Christmas Naughty or Nice Calculator

Dog Age to Human Years Conversion Calculator

Elf on the Shelf Name Calculator

Horse Age to Human Years Conversion Calculator

Lightning Strike Distance Calculator

Lottery Odds and Profit Calculator

Magic 8 Ball

Restaurant Tip Calculator

SAT to ACT Score Conversion Calculator

Weighted Grade Calculator

Shower vs. Bath Water Usage Calculator

Turkey Cooking Time Calculator

Turkey Size Calculator

Turkey Thawing Time Calculator

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