Online Calculator to Determine Lawn Mowing Time

Calculate the amount of time it will take the mow a lawn with this Lawn Mowing Time Calculator.

Lawn Mower Cutting Width: (in inches)
Lawn Mower Speed: (Feet/Second)
Total Lawn Area: (Square Yards)
Effective Cutting Efficiency: %

Fill in the information to determine the approximate amount of time
required to mow a lawn.

To find the find the time required to mow a yard use the following

Time Required (seconds) = Area / ( Cw x Efficiency x S )

S = Speed in Feet/Second

Cw = Cutting Width in Feet
(to convert inches to feet, divide the number of inches by 12 )

Area = Total lawn area to be mowed in square feet
( to convert square yards to square feet, multiply the number of square
yards by 9)

Cutting Efficiency = The effective amount of the cutting blade that is
actually cutting grass. The efficiency is a percentage, but should be
converted to decimal form for the equation. (75% = .75)

Lawn Mowing Time Example

Example: The estimated amount of time required to mow a yard that is
550 square yards in area with a lawn mower with a 42" cutting width, at
a speed of 1.5 feet/second and an estimated cutting efficiency of 75%:

S = 1.5 feet/second
Cw = 42/12 = 3.5 feet

Cutting Efficiency = 75% = in decimal form is .75
Total area to be mowed = 550 square yards = 4950 square feet

Time Required = 4950 / (3.5 x .75 x 1.5)

Time Required = 1257.14 seconds, or 20.95 minutes (divide amount of
seconds by 60) (Rounded to the nearest 100th)

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