Tire Size and Dimensions Calculator

Calculate the dimensions of a wheel/tire with this online calculator.

For a passenger vehicle, the tire size can be found branded on the sidewall of a tire. For an example, a passenger tire may have a size that looks similar to P225/45R16. The P is the designation for passenger tire, and the R represents that it is a Radial.

P / R

Fill in the numbers posted on the sidewall of a tire to determine the outside dimensions of the tire.

How do you find the tire size?

For a passenger tire that is sized P225/45R16, this tire fits on a 16" wheel rim, the total tire section width is 225mm at the widest point. The sidewall height is 45% of the tread width for a total sidewall height of 101.25mm.

Converted out, the total dimensions for this wheel and tire would be a total height/diameter of 23.97". Total width of the tire at the widest point is 225mm, or 8.86".

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