Shower vs Bath Water Usage

Calculate the amount of water used in a shower compared to the amount of water used in a bath with this Water Usage Calculator.

Shower Flow Rate : (Gallons per Minute)
Shower Time : (Minutes)

Fill in the volume of water used in a bath, the flow of a shower
head and the time in the shower to determine water usage.

How do you calculate the water usage of a shower or a bath?

Note: Most standard 30"x 60" bath tubs will hold a total volume of
around 40 gallons. If you fill the tub half full to use, that is 20 gallons
of water. A typical new shower head will have a flow restrictor on it
to limit flow to 2.5 GPM.

To find the amount of water used in a shower, use the equation:
Volume = Flow Rate x Time

Gallons = Gallons per Minute x Minutes

Example: The volume of water used in a 10 minute shower that has a
flow rate of 3 GPM is:

Gallons = 3 x 10

Calculated out this gives a total estimated volume of 30 Gallons
of water used in a 10 minute shower.

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