Slope Percent to Degrees Conversion Calculator

A calculator to convert percent to degrees when working with slopes and angles.

Convert slope percent to degrees of an angle with this Slope Percent Conversion Calculator.

Slope Percentage: %
Input rise over run percentage of a slope to convert to
the angle in degrees.

How do you convert percent of slope to degrees?

To convert, use this percent to degrees formula:
Degrees = Tan-1 (Slope Percent/100)

Example: With a slope percentage of 43%, degrees would be:

Degrees = Tan-1(.43)

Calculated out this gives an angle of 23.27 degrees.

Sometimes, slope is referred to as pitch, angle, rise, incline, or grade. Many different professions use slope in describing an angle. For example, in construction, you may refer to the pitch of a roof, or the grade of a slab. Both are referring to angles. It can throw people off when they try to think of degrees and percentage of slope. For example, as you get closer to a 90 degree angle, the percentage of slope increases to infinity. There is a nice illustration on Wikipedia that helps illustrate this point.

This conversion is also useful when graphing statistics. By converting percentages to degrees, you can illustrated data on a pie chart. There are may different variations of pie charts, but, at their heart, they all serve the purpose of easily discerning different percentages.

As you can imagine, the conversion of percentages to degrees of an angle is very important in many aspects of engineering. This article from Greenbelt Consulting may help you grasp a better understanding of degrees, percent of slope, and gradient in engineering.

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