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High school GPA calculator weighted grade scale.

Calculate GPA for High School or College courses with this Weighted Grade Calculator.


Class 1:
--Credit Hours: GPA:

Class 2:
--Credit Hours: GPA:

Class 3:
--Credit Hours: GPA:

Class 4:
--Credit Hours: GPA:

Class 5:
--Credit Hours: GPA:

Class 6:
--Credit Hours: GPA:

Fill in the credit hours and GPA of each class to determine the total weighted GPA of the semester. If you took fewer than 6 classes, leave the remaining boxes blank.

How to Calculate College GPA, or High School GPA?

To calculate the total weighted GPA of a semester take the following steps:

1. Multiply the GPA and credit hours of each individual class.

2. Take the results of step 1 and add them all together.

3. Divide the total sum from step 2 by the total credit hours taken for the semester.

Example of how to calculate GPA

Weighted Grade Calculator or Cumulative GPA Calculator

Keeping track of your GPA in High School, or College, is one of the most important things a student can do. Knowing how to calculate GPA and how to find cumulative, or weighted GPA based on the amount of credits a class has and the total GPA score of that class can drastically affect a student's final GPA. By utilizing this GPA calculator either as a Weighted Grade Calculator, or as a Cumulative GPA Calculator, you can track your progress and help predict what goals you need to set to achieve your target Grade Point Average.

How to use the Weighted Grade Calculator


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