Quantity Measurements. Choosing the Correct Procedure.

Quantity Measurement is Important Quantity is a pretty easy concept to grasp.  But, it isn’t always easy to measure.  Quantity is basically an amount of something.  But different substances are easier to measure than others.  For example, if you have a cup full of marbles, you may be able to pour them out and count them […]

Math Education Should be Exciting for Students

Math Education is Difficult Math education is a very challenging curriculum for teachers.  In general, many students have a tendency to avoid math.  Whether they think it is a tedious exercise, or fail to see the usefulness of mathematics in the real world, this stigma creates a barrier that math teachers have to cross to successfully […]

Electricians Use a Lot of Math. Shocking, I know.

Electricians may not be primarily known for their math skills.  You might be more likely to think about a guy running wires or cables through walls, taking apart outlets with screwdrivers, or walking around with their hair sticking straight up from a recent jolt.  But, in the real world, electricians are always using math to […]

Rates Are Great For Comparing Performance

Rates are all around us.  We use rates to determine our vehicle speed, track our work performance, rank our favorite sports teams, and even keep tabs on our personal cash flow.  Once you know what a rate is, and how to recognize rates, you can effectively use rates to compare performance within a system. The key to […]

Efficiency, It Gets in the Way of Good Math.

Efficiency is often overlooked as a factor in math.  We use math as a tool for our daily lives, but rarely does a mathematical equation work perfectly when applied in real life.  There are so many variables that can play a factor in any application of mathematics that affect the outcome.  Efficiency is one of […]

Carpenters, Using Math to Build and Construct.

Carpenters would have a hard time building anything without math.  Without the knowledge and application of math skills houses may end up looking like something from a fun park.  Constructing a solid piece of furniture, a level counter top, or a comfortable room with plumb walls requires many different math skills.  A good carpenter will have a […]

Water Conservation. Are You Flushing Your Money Down the Toilet?

Water conservation is a hot topic these days.  One of the most wasteful places that we use water is the bathroom.  I’ve posted thoughts and calculations on wasting water in the bath and shower, but I’ve never discussed one of the other fixtures that uses a lot of water.  The toilet. “Flushing your money down […]

Old MacDonald Uses Math on His Farm. E-I-E-I-O. Part 2

Old MacDonald uses math on his farm to be the best farmer he can be.  Being a farmer, he takes on multiple roles in his business that are usually split up between many employees in other businesses.  He takes on the responsibilities of accountant, executive management, workforce, and maintenance.  In part 1, we looked at some of […]

Math Should Be as Easy as Riding a Bike.

Math should be almost second nature in many aspects of your life.  You probably use math on a regular basis and don’t even realize it.  Even when you ride a bicycle you are using math concepts.  So, as the saying goes, “It’s as easy as riding a bike”.  That is how easy math should be […]

Ratio Math and Mechanical Advantage. It’s Pretty Helpful.

Ratio math may not sound like an exciting subject to discuss in a blog, but it is very important to recognize the relevance of ratios.  Much of the machinery we use everyday take advantage of ratios to offer us some benefit. So what exactly is a ratio?  A ratio is a measurement of mechanical advantage […]

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