The Mathematics of Nutrition Labels

Mathematics has relevant application when attempting to decipher nutrition labels. Interpreting numbers and relating them to something practical like a 2,000-calorie diet has far-reaching implications for health and vitality. The ability to properly scale caloric requirements and analyze nutrient concentrations is paramount when feeding different groups of people. The Terminology Three basic values will give […]

4 Ways Giving to Charity Can Help Your Wallet and Your Soul

We often talk about self-care (and to a certain extent, we should), but that doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about charity. Not all charity has to do with monetary donations, some can be volunteer work or item donations. Regardless, charity can be good for you (perhaps, another way to self care?), check out […]

Why Choosing a Good School Early On is Important for Kids

When most people think about choosing the best schools for their children, they mistakenly believe this task begins with college or high school. From the time you meet your baby, you want the best for them and education is probably top of the list. While a student’s secondary and post high education is of great […]

Baby Names and Family Math

I recently had the joy of receiving the news that my wife is expecting our first child. While I am relishing this wonderful moment in my life, it also brings up many thoughts of responsibility. We have to go thought baby names, plan for financial changes in our budget, and change our living arrangements. I […]

Dieting – New Year, New Me?

Well, it’s another year, and I’m a little older. It seems that this is the time of the year that people are most likely to set goals. Whether they are attainable, or not, is another question. Many of these goals revolve around weight loss. And as evidenced by the amount of commercials that are related […]

Quantity Measurements. Choosing the Correct Procedure.

Quantity Measurement is Important Quantity is a pretty easy concept to grasp.  But, it isn’t always easy to measure.  Quantity is basically an amount of something.  But different substances are easier to measure than others.  For example, if you have a cup full of marbles, you may be able to pour them out and count them […]

Bald Versus Non-Bald. The Challenges of the Dome.

Being bald is more than a hair style, or in some cases, a non-hair style.  It turns into a way of life.  If you are fortunate enough to embrace your own baldness, you can find the positive aspects of being bald.  One of the most common references to baldness is that being bald is “low […]

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