Bald Versus Non-Bald. The Challenges of the Dome.

Being bald is more than a hair style, or in some cases, a non-hair style.  It turns into a way of life.  If you are fortunate enough to embrace your own baldness, you can find the positive aspects of being bald.  One of the most common references to baldness is that being bald is “low maintenance”.  For those that aren’t lucky enough to be bald, it’s not as “low maintenance” as you might think.  It may save some money at the barber shop, but there are other hassles and expenses that need to be recognized.

If you’re reading this and you have a full head of hair, then good for you.  For the average joe with a mop on his head, we can make a few assumptions.  For your daily maintenance, you probably spend some time washing your hair, and combing your hair.  Your expenses for keeping your flowing locks in check probably amount to the cost of some hair products like shampoo and maybe some hair gel.  Of course we can’t forget the costs of going to the barber maybe once every two weeks?  So, in a given month, a well follicled male would probably spend around $20-$40 on hair products, depending on how fancy he is.  And, at the barber shop, we’ll assume for the sake of this example, he might spend $30 per month.  That comes out to about $50-$70 per month to maintain the lifestyle of the rich and hairy.

Now let’s look at your average good looking bald guy.  He doesn’t have the expenses of going to the barber shop, or having to purchase shampoo or hair gel.  However, there are other expenses.bald

If our hair challenged friend uses a razor on his head daily to keep that shiny top looking good, he has extra costs on shaving cream and razor blades.  And, razor blades aren’t cheap either.  At least not good ones.  If you do use bad razor blades, you risk cuts on your noggin.  This is where the added cost of band-aids comes in.  If your baldness is something you’re not ashamed of, then you will be out in public with your chrome dome.  I don’t know many people that aren’t aware of the dangers of sunburns, but I can assure you that the top of your head is sensitive and not a great place to be peeling.  Now, we’re adding the cost of sunscreen….good sunscreen…applied a lot.

So, from personal experience, I can assure you that there are some monthly costs associated with maintaining a bald dome.  It also takes some time every day to make sure you aren’t looking scruffy…in spots.

In summation, I don’t really see much of a difference in cost or time when it comes to maintaining a nice head of hair, or a nice head of nothing.

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Bald Versus Non-Bald. The Challenges of the Dome.

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