Why Are Fractions Important? 10 Examples of Using Fractions to Solve Real-Life Issues

What’s black and white and full of problems? Your latest math test. If you did poorly, you may find yourself frustrated and cursing Pythagoras himself, especially when it comes to fractions. But, who really needs that stuff anyway? When you’re in school, your teachers always tell you that you’re going to use what you learn […]

How to Do Fractions: 9 Tips That Will Help You Understand Them Better

Math doesn’t always come easy for everyone, especially when grade schools begin teaching algebra and fractions. While others excel in geometry, they could struggle with fractions. Fractions tell us how many parts of a whole there are. A fraction has both numerators and denominators. This article will help you and your child understand fractions better […]

Convert Decimals to Fractions in 3 Easy Steps

Converting decimals to fractions isn’t something you only do in a classroom. There are multiple different circumstances in your everyday life that might require this kind of knowledge. For example, you might need to know how to convert decimals and fractions when you’re looking for the cheapest can of beans per ounce at the grocery […]

Adding Fractions

One of my most recent fraction calculators is a calculator to add fractions. Adding fractions is an important skill for everyday activities. When creating a calculator to add fractions, I wanted it to be simple and descriptive. The whole point of creating this calculator is to help students understand the basics of adding fractions, and […]

The Basics of a Fraction Calculator

AS you’ve probably guessed, this website is really devoted to creating calculators. Some of the calculators are very helpful, some are for fun, and many are just random ideas that pop into my head. As stated in my previous post, I’m doing some SEO experimenting with blogs. The most recent experiment is to promote the […]

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