Daily Habits That Will Keep Your Math Mind Sharp

Some of us have brains better calibrated for math. Some of us struggle. Either way, math–especially basic arithmetic–is essential for functioning well in modern society. But summer vacation or graduating can leave you out of practice, leading to the atrophy of the mathematical neural pathways in your brain. If you’re between school years, or haven’t been in school for years, consider some of these tips for keeping your math mind sharp.


Quick Daily Exercises

Practice a series of math exercises that last between 5 and 10 minutes. Also, practice daily to get used to a steady routine. The exercises do not have to be difficult and can be completed at home or on the way to school. Use these tools mainly to refresh your memory about certain math rules or techniques.

The difficulty of the exercises will depend on how comfortable you are with math. If it’s REALLY been a long time and you have trouble with basic arithmetic, consider making flash cards to fill in the gaps in your time’s tables memorization. If you’re more advanced, you can look up problems and check your work against our calculators. The University of Michigan has provided this bank of problems you can practice to sharpen your mind.


Healthy Eating

A common problem that students of any age have is hunger. They cannot concentrate while hungry and only think about this discomfort if they are. Excessive snacking is another big problem for young students. They claim that they cannot concentrate without snacking while they study, but high carbohydrate food can divert blood flow from the blame to aid in digestion, leaving young mathematicians feeling sluggish and narcoleptic. Exercising self-control is an important part of keeping your mind sharp.

Diets high in protein and good fats, on the other hand, will boost both mental and physical energy, and won’t lead to devastating crashes.


Brain Boosters

According to this article, nootropics are drugs or supplements that enhance the parts of your cognition that affect mood, memory, and concentration. These drugs, particularly caffeine, are popular among college students and earn millions of dollars in worldwide sales. Part of doing good math is being able to concentrate hard and remember what you’ve learned. One option is to consider including stimulants and psychoactive drugs in your diet.


A habit is a skill that you should repeat over and over again. It’s necessary to improve your memory because learning math is a skill that requires significant memorization and cognition. You also have to improve your concentration levels and maintain a good mood. So, practice many good habits, which include healthy eating and mental exercising, to increase your success in this subject.

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