Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone: Why Do We Learn Math?

“Why do we learn math?” is a question almost every student of any age asks during lectures. While adults may get tired of hearing this, it’s a fair question that deserves an answer. When and where would you ever need to determine a slope or use fractions in everyday life? Children and teens may not […]

How to Factor Quadratics- A Simplified Explanation

Humankind has been slowly uncovering the mysteries of numbers for millennia now. We can trace mathematical learning all the way back to the Babylonians. These ancient peoples developed an impressive understanding of math. And they lived almost 4,000 years ago, well before the most famous mathematicians even existed. Now here you are 4,000 years later, […]

Will You Ever Use Math Concepts You Learn at School? Yes, Here’s 5 Examples!

Did your math professors ever say you would be using math every day in your life? Guess what, they were right. If you take a step back and look, you will notice that more people use different math concepts more often than you would think. News centers use it to calculate statistics. Drivers do calculations […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Factoring Polynomials

If you are a control systems engineer or an algebra student, factoring polynomials is a daily exercise in problem-solving. Real life applications often require breaking down equations into their parts to visualize how and when variables interact. To do that, you need to know how to factor polynomials. For those just learning, we have prepared […]

Fraction Frenzy: The Complete Guide to Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

We learn fractions from an early age, and the reason for that is simple: we use fractions in our daily lives, especially when we grow older. It has applications in cooking, shopping, and other daily functions. Adding fractions or subtracting is still pretty simple, but fractions can be pretty confusing when you get to the […]

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