4 Careers For Math Lovers

4 Careers For Math Lovers

Students that love math and have an aptitude for it should be pretty optimistic about their futures. That’s because there are countless profitable careers available to math lovers. The following is a quick peek at four excellent careers for individuals that excel at math:


You might not know what an actuary is or does, but it’s one of the most lucrative careers for a math lover. An actuary is a risk assessor. They use math to compute the probability and cost associated with specific risks. These can include the loss of property, disability, or death.

Actuaries use advanced statistics along with high-performance software to calculate their results. They then provide insurance companies with the information necessary to calculate premiums and create policies.


Accounting is always a highly in-demand job. The purpose of an accountant is to prepare and examine financial records for individuals and businesses. Accountants ensure the accuracy of financial records and work with clients to pay all taxes as scheduled.

A few specific duties entrusted to accountants are:

  • Accuracy checks for financial statements
  • Ensuring that statements are compliant with current rules, laws, and regulations
  • Tally the amount of taxes owed, prepare a tax return, and help develop a payment method
  • Inspect accounting books and systems
  • Suggest ways to decrease expenses and increase profits

Petroleum Engineer

The engineering field is in great need of individuals possessing advanced math skills. Proficiency with complicated equations is essential to engineering. A degree in engineering is a solid choice, but it’s just one of many degrees that can benefit the student with a high math aptitude.

Petroleum engineers use their mathematical ability to determine the safest and most efficient methods to gather natural resources. They help optimize profit margins for one of our most critical industries.


What better way for a lover of math to earn a living than with a career as a mathematician? Mathematicians perform their job duties in one of two ways: theoretical math and applied math.

Theoretical mathematicians use their ability to develop current math theories and concepts. Mathematicians working with applied mathematics, on the other hand, earn their keep by working alongside professionals in fields like engineering or business. They analyze data that’s used for practical applications in real-life situations.


Students might wonder just what sort of careers the future holds in store for them. Fortunately, as indicated by the list above, there’s no shortage of stable professions for math lovers. These four career paths are some of the best options available for them.

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4 Careers For Math Lovers

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