How to Prepare For a Career Track That Won’t Suck Your Soul (Hint: You Need Math)

How to Prepare For a Career Track That Won't Suck Your Soul (Hint: You Need Math)

Almost 95 percent of HR professionals state that burnout is preventing workplace retention. The prevalence of this in today’s world is a disturbing statistic. Many employees feel stuck in the grind for years, while others are just overwhelmed by the amount of work that they are given. Below are some tips that will help you prepare for a career track that you want.

Work on Your Strengths

During high school, you may have developed talents that you enjoyed a great deal. These are the areas of your strength that you can specialize in. Provided that you find yourself enjoying cultivating these talents, this allows you to focus on improving what you are already pretty good at. It is a boost to your self-esteem, a reminder of why you got into the field, and a chance to be better at something you have a head start with being good at.

Talk to People in Your Field

An important aspect of any job search is to find out what you are doing in the job. The best way to find out about the job is to talk to others in the field. For example, you may want to be in the medical field as a doctor. Talking to your family doctor will give you a better idea of the steps needed to get there. Your doctor may also tell you some stories involving 12-hour shifts, ridiculous patients, and intense surgeries. According to Elimu | Clinical Decision Support, doctors are famously vulnerable to burnout. Use this knowledge to better decide whether being a doctor is for you.

Work Hard in Math

Regardless of what job you have, you are going to use math in some form. As a result, working hard to ensure you understand the details will help you later in life. While it is true that many processes have been simplified by technological advancement and automation, this has not eliminated the need for math in a classical sense. Instead, it has created a need for “techno-mathematics” and those who understand them.


Finding a job that you can be passionate about is easier at first, but can be difficult as that career track goes further. Prevention of burnout on a long-term basis can be difficult, but working on your strengths and speaking to others who have been there, you will find the techniques that others have used to find success. In addition, having an understanding of current demands in math with aid you in ensuring your ability to be flexible.

Many careers will require at least a basic proficiency in math. Check out our site for additional resources!

How to Prepare For a Career Track That Won’t Suck Your Soul (Hint: You Need Math)

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