How An Education In Math Will Prepare You For A Career In Technology

How An Education In Math Will Prepare You For A Career In Technology

Math is the universal language that can be described everything around us. Unfortunately, many students find math class to be dreadful. Though there are solutions to this (such as games that make kids smarter with numbers and concepts such as money), we must instill the reality that while math class may be frustrating, it can open up a wide range of opportunities for people who stick with it.

Mathematical Thinking

Sitting in class, students often wonder when they will ever use the math that they are learning. Abstract concepts can often seem utterly unrelated to everyday life, and when numerical calculations are needed there are always calculators, right? Math class does more than merely teach students math. In truth, math class teaches students how to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. According to Solve Math Problems, ‘Math is the primary factor responsible for ameliorating your critical thinking and improving your problem-solving skills in your adulthood.’ These tools will help students approach every obstacle in their life, whether or not that problem has a mathematical origin. Perhaps taking an aptitude test or another assessment can help you understand if math is going to be a strong subject for you. 

The foundation for these abilities is the inherent understanding of different mathematical foundations. Many adults will be quick to tell you the difference between multiplication and division, and even many students will be able to. Thankfully, because so many people have a deep,intuitive understanding of what these ideas mean, they can use them with ease in everyday life. If you’re interested in learning more about mathematical thinking, Stanford actually offers a free online course here.

Uses of Math

While it’s true that some professions will not use math as extensively as others, many of the highest paying job opportunities rely on an in-depth understanding of mathematics. Without a doubt, the world would not be the same had many engineers and scientists not developed their problem-solving skills in math class. All of those desirable tech professions calls upon both these problem-solving skills, and the mathematical skills needed to model the results of some experiment or trial.

Many new professions are also relying on direct mathematical skills learned in school. A major push in the technology industry has been focused towards app metrics and analytics tools on smartphone devices. These jobs are based in statistics, a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the behavior and probability of consumers and products, as well as the area of web development, which needs some understanding of math to use. Using math, these professionals are better able to design and implement the apps that make everyday life easier.

Math classes can be stressful, especially when the big test is coming up or when a teacher surprises everyone with a pop quiz. That being said, it is important to realize that something far deeper and more important is going on behind the scenes. Math classes are teaching students how to be critically-thinking members of society. And, for those who work hard at understanding math, a future of technology and design awaits them.


How An Education In Math Will Prepare You For A Career In Technology

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