How to Prepare for Your First College Tour

The time has come for you to start touring colleges. Whether you are excited or a little nervous, preparation is essential to having your college tour experience go smoothly. Check out these tips on how to have the best experience possible, and how to know which college is the right one for you. How to […]

4 Tips to Get Into The College of your Dreams

With the increase in students attending college right after high school, admission to the most sought-after schools is growing more competitive. To stand out from the pack and get accepted to the college of your dreams you need to submit an application that makes you the best possible candidate for that school.   Do Your […]

What Math Courses Do You Need to Complete Before College?

To help prepare yourself for college-level math, or just to take the entrance exams required in order to get into most colleges, it’s important to take as many higher-level math classes as you can. Freshman courses at most universities can include applied statistics and economics (depending on your major) – both of which involve using […]

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