Top 10 Jobs for Math Majors

jobs for math majors

You just graduated with a degree in math. So what’s next? You’re in luck- a lot of amazing professions are in desperate of people who know their way around numbers.

Most people picture math majors sitting in a stuffy room scribbling away on a whiteboard. And if that’s the path you want to take, go for it! You can continue your education and obtain a PhD.

However, you’re not stuck in academia. There are a lot of career paths open to you. Jobs for math majors are abundant.

Keep reading for some great ideas.

10 Best Jobs for Math Majors

Do you want to work in research? The corporate world? Maybe you see yourself in insurance.

A math degree is so versatile that your options are endless.

1. Mathematician

Let’s start with the obvious. A great way to put your degree to use is to become a mathematician. If you want the top jobs you’ll need an advanced degree but you might be able to scrape by with a bachelor’s.

This is the perfect career for you if you love math and want to spend your time exploring new ideas in the field.

2. Financial Planner

If you’re an adept communicator who likes working with the public, you might enjoy this job. You’ll counsel people on how to manage their financial lives. You might help a young couple plan for their baby’s future or you might guide an elderly client into a cushy retirement.

Your biggest assets will be your foresight and your ability to connect with a diverse group of people.

Financial planners are in huge demand. You’ll earn a solid salary and form relationships with a lot of different people.

3. Accountant

Accountants are often used in jokes because the public has an idea that the job is dull. But that’s completely wrong! If you love playing around with numbers all day, being an accountant can be immensely satisfying.

You’ll be in charge of a company’s financial records. There’s quite a bit to do. Tax returns, payroll disputes. Your strong background in math and ease with numbers will help you navigate the intricacies.

If you want to bump up your pay, you’ll need to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Trust us, the extra effort is worth it.

4. Economist

The future is murky. Economists wade into the uncertainty and try to find answers. Guarantees are impossible but if you’re good at your job you can come up with reasonable guidelines.

Huge swaths of the corporate world depend on economists’ predictions. Government policy is often created with the help of economists. Because the job is so critical, there are a lot of places that you can work.

The government might hire you directly, or you could choose to apply for an independent company or think tank.

5. Teacher

Calling everyone who loves kids! With your math degree, you can work as a middle school or high school teacher. You’ll be preparing the next generation to face the world.

The salary isn’t the highest one on the list but the benefits are amazing. You’ll also have the joy of knowing that you’re making a difference in your community. Being a teacher is a tough, often thankless job.

Until you remember that you’re helping children. For many people, that makes everything worthwhile.

6. Actuary

New graduates searching for math jobs often find themselves attracted to actuarial work. It’s a popular career choice for obvious reasons. You’ll use your training to help insurance companies figure out their risks.

You can’t offer insurance and still pull a profit unless you can predict the chances of something negative occurring. How much should it cost to ensure a music festival? Well, that depends on how likely it is that a massive fire will break out.

7. Insurance Underwriter

The insurance world is full of math majors. An underwriter plays a similar role as an actuary but they’re charged with creating the premiums for customers.

If you choose this path, expect to have to complete further certifications.

8. Software Engineer

Did you take any computer science classes in school? Then there’s a great chance that you can work as a software engineer. The field is booming.

Software engineers create usable software for computers. You could work on a project for the general public or you could work on company-specific software. Many employers will allow you to work from a remote location, a giant benefit for math majors who don’t want to be social at all times.

9. Purchasing Agent

You’ll be in charge of buying everything that your company plans to sell. You’ll be a deal maker. Your background in math will come in handy because you can’t know the right price for your goods unless you have a deep understanding of the market.

The company’s success will depend on you. If you sign shoddy contracts, your employers will lose money.

If you work for a large, successful company you can earn a very comfortable salary.

10. Cryptographer

This is another job that’s perfect for graduates who’ve taken computer science courses. Your role will be to create and decipher codes attacking the company network. You can find solid work with the government but that’s far from your only option.

A lot of corporations and financial institutions rely on strong encryption strategies to keep their data safe. It’s a strong career choice with a lot of room for growth.

Start Your Job Search

Jobs for math majors are everywhere. Numbers rule our a world, a deep understanding of how they work provides innumerable benefits. Someone who’s good at math will always be in high demand.

We know math. And we know how to help math majors find their place in the world. That’s why we’ve created blog posts about everything how to give your kids a math education to how to keep your mind sharp. Head over to our site whenever you have questions about your potential career.

Top 10 Jobs for Math Majors

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