How to Incorporate More Math Into Your Homeschool Program

How to Incorporate More Math Into Your Homeschool Program

Mathematics is one of the top subjects in education today and for good reason. Many growing industries place an emphasis on mathematics, including engineering, science and technology. A strong foundation in math will serve your child in the career of his or her choosing. In order to build that strong foundation, you must incorporate math into many areas of your homeschool program. It is not enough to let math be only one subject. Read on for some tips to make sure your child is getting plenty of mathematics instruction.

Online Programs

Many homeschool and virtual homeschool programs emphasize the need for math. While your child can get a lot of math instruction from the program you use, you will also want to use supplements. There are many online programs that will give your child additional instruction and practice in math, helping him or her to build the foundation. Many of these programs will track your child’s progress and tailor math activities for his or her level.

Make It Hands-On

Many programs may take a more pencil and paper approach to mathematics instruction. If this is the case with your program, you will want to supplement with hands on activities so that your child gets the full benefit of math instruction and sees its use in the real world.

Incorporate Math Into Other Subjects

One of the best ways to show your child the prevalence and importance of mathematics in our everyday lives is to incorporate it into other subjects. Subjects like science, technology, social studies, and art lend themselves well to the integration of math. For example, you may plan an art activity based on the golden ratio. You can use this time to work on ratios as your child creates artwork.

Play Math Games

Kids of all ages enjoy playing games as it makes learning easy and fun. There are so many games that allow you to incorporate mathematics. There are games that are specifically geared toward mathematics instruction. You can find these games online, as apps or as more traditional board games. There are also many games that are not specifically math games, but still require the use of mathematics. Look for strategy games that your child can play that will utilize these skills.

Through the incorporation of math in your homeschool program, you can help your child build a strong mathematics foundation. You can teach your child the value of mathematics in his or her everyday life and in his or her chosen career field.


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How to Incorporate More Math Into Your Homeschool Program

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