Why It Might Make Sense to Put Less Money Down on a Home

Traditionally, many home buyers have put down a full twenty percent on a home, often saving for more if possible. However, with housing booming, this might not be a functional, nor practical approach for those wishing to purchase. What is a reasonable amount of down payment to make on a home purchase? Why would it […]

Budgeting Tips to Keep You on Track

Rather than a constraining device, building a budget can give you the financial freedom many wish they had. Building a budget can change the way you think about money by shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance. Shifting your mindset requires patience and dedication to your budget. A few ways you can keep on track […]

Business Situations That Need Your Math Skills

The day-to-day finance and accounting of a business are important for a business to run smoothly. However, there are other important, math-related responsibilities that go into making a business succeed. Some of these situations include keeping track of performance metrics, safety rates, and business financial health. Performance Metrics If you want to optimize your business’s […]

Investments You Should Know About That Aren’t Stocks or Real Estate

Whether you’re new to the world of investing or have been around for decades, finding new ways to diversify your portfolio can help you to become even more successful with your investments. Most investors know about common investments like stocks and real estate but branching out into new kinds of investments can be a little […]

How to Get a Career in Math If You Don’t Have a High School Diploma

Having a high school diploma can be a major barrier for a lot of people looking for a strong career in their life. This can be especially true if you were interested in a career in the fields of math and science. Luckily, having a high school diploma has very little to do with your […]

How Math Can Help You Achieve Financial Security

Achieving financial security isn’t typically something most younger students think about. Their parents, on the other hand, may be acutely aware of how important it is. Fortunately, for both students and their parents, the lessons and concepts taught in math can be helpful tools that can aid you on your journey to financial security. Paying […]

How Math Helps You Estimate and Control Your Power Bill

The number one complaint from students in math class is “when are we going to use this in the real world?” While it might be hard to believe, the math you learned in high school comes in handy quite often and can even save you money. All you need to do is whip out your […]

What to Do with Your Accounting Degree in Your Career

If you are thinking about getting (or already have) an accounting degree, the next step is to figure out your career options. There are actually accounting jobs in a variety of fields, so you are sure to find something that suits your interests and helps you to pay the bills. Here are a few options […]

Math Skills That Come in Handy When Taking the GED

The GED is a test that you can take if you do not have a high school diploma. While this test covers many subjects including science, language arts, and social studies, you may find that you’ll want to spend extra time studying for the math section. Math is commonly a trickier portion and there are […]

Retirement Preparations You’ll Need to Use Math For

Getting ready for retirement is exciting. However, your preparations shouldn’t simply be packing your bags to tour the world. You are going to need to crunch some numbers before you can truly retire. While you may not be completely thrilled by this idea, it will keep your mind at ease once you are trying to […]

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