Investments You Should Know About That Aren’t Stocks or Real Estate

Investments You Should Know About That Aren’t Stocks or Real Estate

Whether you’re new to the world of investing or have been around for decades, finding new ways to diversify your portfolio can help you to become even more successful with your investments. Most investors know about common investments like stocks and real estate but branching out into new kinds of investments can be a little bit more intimidating. Here are a few different investment types that are worth looking into.


Cryptocurrency is a relatively new kind of investment that has some earning potential. From Bitcoin to Litecoin to tokens like Omni and NEO, there are plenty of types of cryptic currencies that each have their own systems of mining and earning. If you are looking to mine a lot of cryptocurrencies it can mean a pretty large investment in equipment, but it can often pay off in a big way. Take the time to learn about the kinds of cryptocurrencies that are available and their specific traits before you start investing so you can make the best possible choice for your money.


Gold has been a solid investment type for a very long time. If you’re looking for an investment that has a strong track record of growth, gold may be right for you. Multiple factors influence the price of gold and contribute to its fluctuating nature, not entirely unlike what happens in the stock market. Doing your research into gold in the first place will help you to make smart purchases that will result in better investments. The role of gold investing is pretty exciting, so if you are looking to grow your portfolio it may be the direction you should go.

Angel Investing

If you already have a lot of wealth to your name, angel investing can be a great way to make investments while also helping to inspire a new generation of business professionals. As an angel investor, you would invest in small businesses or even a single small business and help them to grow to their full potential. This kind of investing can be especially fruitful if you have experience as an entrepreneur and can offer expertise in addition to funding. If you want to help people through your investments, this is often the best choice.

Building a strong portfolio means investing in a variety of things beyond the basics of stocks and real estate,. There are so many options available that can be very profitable. This list of things is a great place to start.

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Investments You Should Know About That Aren’t Stocks or Real Estate

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