What Are the Best Investments to Put in Your Retirement Portfolio?

Retirement savings plans offer employees and individual savers a chance to take advantage of tax-deferred growth. With the benefits of compounded interest, investors who start saving early have the best opportunity to live comfortably in retirement. Online calculators and other financial planning tools give prime examples of the overwhelming effects of compounded interest. Mutual Funds […]

Why ROI is the Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

There are many ways to measure whether or not your entrepreneurial venture is succeeding. A profit every month, for example, is one measurement. To calculate profit, you simply need to subtract your expenses from your income. If it is positive, you did well. Return on investment, or ROI, is another way. ROI is more specific, […]

3 Smart Investments for Generation Z

Kids born in the present era of technology and social media have a cardinal role to play in the growth of the economy. Many people consider investing as a calling for middle-aged individuals. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Instead, everyone should begin investing as early as possible so they can figure out their best […]

How Exactly Do Lenders Calculate Loans?

When looking for a loan, it is easy to believe the way in which a lender decides and calculates loans is too complicated to understand. While it takes a lot of data and information, calculating loans is simpler than most people imagine. When they are broken down, loans are straightforward enough for anyone to have […]

How to Measure Return on 4 Different Investment Types

As a student or as a parent of a student, you may wonder sometimes how math can apply to real-life situations. Investing is one of those math-related things that people use all the time, so learning about how they work is important. To get you started in teaching your children about investments or in learning […]

4 Best College Majors with the Highest ROI

When considering a college major, you may be looking to balance selecting a career path you will enjoy with ensuring you will make a good return on your investment. You’ll want to both derive satisfaction from your occupation and live comfortably while paying off your student loans. Here are four college majors that will give […]

How to Compare Investments Apples-to-Apples

Investing into the financial market is a lot like playing chess. It takes a short time to learn the fundamentals, but a lifetime to perfect. Here are some basic skills to use when comparing investments. Don’t Ignore Volatility Volatility is how an investment moves from its average. The measurement used to understand this volatility is […]

5 Study Strategies to Use When You’re Not Good at Math

Some people love math. Some people like math. Then, there are people who struggle greatly with math. They find all the numbers and formulas to be exhausting to keep up with and get their stomachs in a knot on test days. If this describes you, you might think that math just isn’t your forte. While […]

4 Risky Loans to Avoid at All Costs

When you are seeking help with your finances, loans can provide short-term solutions. However, not all loans are created equally. It’s important to review some of the riskier loans that you should stay away from. Interest-Only Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Particularly when you’re in the market for a home, you will want to understand interest-only mortgages. While […]

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