Weekly Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator for determining final value of an investment.

Find the weekly compound interest earned from an investment with this Weekly Compound Interest Calculator. Input principal, yearly interest rate, and the amount of years the interest has been compounding.


Yearly Interest Rate: %
Life of Investment: in Years:

What is weekly compound interest and how do you find compound interest?

To find the final value of an investment use this compound interest
Investment Value = P x ( 1 + r/n )(Y x n)

P = Principal Value

r = Yearly Interest Rate in decimal form ( example: 5% in decimal form
is .05 )

Y = Life of the investment in years

n = how many times per year the interest is compounded. In this case, weekly or 52 times per year.

Example: An original investment of $5,000 held for 3.5 years at an
interest rate of 5% would result in the following values.

If compounded weekly, the investment value would be:

Investment Value = $5,000 x ( 1 + .05/1)(3.5 x 52)

Investment Value = $5,955.73

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