Factoring Calculator

This factoring calculator will help with finding the factors of polynomials.


What do you want to factor?

Try this example:x^2-5x+4
To use parenthesis, try (x+1)*(x-2)-4


Let's Factor the Polynomial.

Thank you for trying this Factoring Calculator. Here are some tips to help use the calculator properly.

1. When entering a number with an exponent, you'll need to write it utilizing the "^" symbol found on the number 6 key at the top of the keyboard. As an example: 5x2 will be written as 5x^2.

2. Also, don't forget to use parenthesis properly.

3. Be sure to use lower case "x" when entering variables.

As always, if you see an error, or a way to improve the factoring calculator, reach out to us on our contact page. Thanks!

Factoring Calculators

In addition to factoring polynomials, there are other calculators that can help with the process. Some other math functions that will be useful and you should practice with are the quadratic equation calculator and the greatest common factor calculator.

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