Cylindrical Volume Calculator

A cylinder volume calculator.

Find the volume of fluid and empty space in a cylindrical tank by using the cylinder volume formula and this calculator.


Fluid Level:
Fill in the radius of the base, the length of the cylinder and the fluid level to determine
the total cylinder volume, volume of fluid and volume of empty space. (This only works on an upright cylinder)

How do you find the volume of a cylinder?

To find the volume, use this cylinder volume formula:
Cylinder Volume = Pi(3.1416) x Radius2 x Cylinder Length

Example: The volume of a cylinder with base radius of 3 inches and
length of 5 inches:
Cylinder Volume = 3.1416 x 32 x 5

Calculated out this gives a volume of 141.372 Cubic Inches.

To find the volume of fluid and space within the cylinder, you use the same formula with the level of fluid, then subtract the volume of fluid from the total volume to determine the amount of space remaining in the cylinder. Using the example above: The cylinder has a base radius of 3 inches and a total length of 5 inches. Now, let's say that the fluid level goes up to 2 inches from the bottom. We find the volume of the fluid by multiplying the square of the radius by pi. In this instance that would be (3x3) x 3.1416. That gives us 28.2744, we then multiply that by the height of the fluid, or 2. This gives us a fluid volume of 56.5488 cubic units. We now have the total volume of the cylinder and the fluid volume. The space volume is the difference between the two, 141.372-56.5488= 84.9232 cubic units of space.