Compound Growth Calculator

Find the result from compound growth on a number.

Calculate the total value from original value, growth rate and time periods with this Compound Growth Calculator.


Original Amount:
Growth Rate:

How do you calculate compound growth?

To find the compound growth of a number use this compound growth formula:
Total Value = a(1+r)x

a=Original Amount

r = Interest Rate per Period(in decimal form)

x = Number of Periods

Example: Compound growth on 50 over 25 periods at 5% growth rate per period:


r=5% or .05


Calculated out, this gives us... 50(1+.05)25 = 169.32

Since compound growth is used a lot in finance, we can do the same thing with dollars and interest rates.

$50 over 25 years at an annual interest rate of 5%


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