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Cylinder Force Calculator

Calculate the extension and retraction force of a cylinder with this
Cylinder Force Calculator.

On a double-acting cylinder the push force (extension) exerted is
calculated by multiplying the piston area at the base of the rod by
the pressure acting on the piston area.

The pull force (retraction) is calculated by mutiplying the
annulus area on the rod end by the pressure acting on it.

The annulus is the difference between the total piston area and
the rod area.

Piston End PSI:
Rod End PSI:
Piston Radius (inches):
Rod Radius (inches):
Fill in pressures and the radiuses(radii) of the piston and rod to
determine extension and retraction force.

To find the extension force of a cylinder, use the cylinder force formula:
Extension Force (lbs) = Piston Area x PSI

PSI = Pressure (Pounds per Square Inch)

r = Radius

Piston Area = (Pi X r2)

To find the retraction force of a cylinder, use the
cylinder retraction force formula:
Retraction Force (lbs) = (Piston Area - Rod Area) x PSI

Example: For a double-acting cylinder with a piston radius of 2 inches,
a rod radius of 1 inch, 2000 psi supplied to the base on extension,
and 2500 psi supplied to the rod end for retraction:

Extension Force = (3.1416 x 22) x 2000 psi

Extension Force = 25,132.8 lbs

Retraction Force = Annulus x 2500 psi

Annulus = (3.1416 x 22) - (3.1416 x 12) =

Retraction Force = 23,562 lbs
(rounded to the nearest 10,000th)