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Carbon Offset Calculator

Calculate the approximate amount trees needed to offset your Carbon Footprint with this online calculator. This process is also known as Carbon Sequestration.

Yearly Carbon Dioxide output: (in pounds)

For more on how to calculate your Carbon Dioxide output:
Carbon Footprint Calculator

What is carbon offset and what is carbon sequestration?

Carbon offset, also known as carbon sequestration, is the process of
planting trees, or other plants that convert carbon to oxygen, in an
amount that offsets the amount of carbon released by an individual's
carbon footprint on the environment.

25 year old Pine Tree = 15.04 pounds of CO2 per year

25 year old Maple Tree = 2.43 pounds of CO2 per year

Example: For an individual who has a carbon footprint of 1000 pounds
of CO2 per year, the amount of trees to offset this amount of CO2
would be:

Quantity of Pine Trees = 1000 / 15.04

Quantity of Maple Trees = 1000 / 2.43

There would need to be at least 66.5 Pine Trees or 411.5 Maple Trees
to offset this amount of CO2.

Note: Different species of tree absorb CO2 differently. Also, mature trees
have a better absorbtion rate than younger trees.

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