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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculate the amount of CO2 you generate in a month with this Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Gallons of Gasoline per Month:
Gallons of Diesel Fuel per Month:
Kilowatt Hours of Electricity per Month:
CCF of Natural Gas per Month:

Fill in the amounts of Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Electricity
and Natural Gas you consume in a month.

How do you estimate your carbon footprint?

1 Gallon of Gasoline = 19.4 pounds of CO2

1 Gallon of Diesel Fuel = 22.2 pounds of CO2

1 kWh of Electricity = 1.306 pounds of CO2

1 CCF of Natural Gas = 12.012 pounds of CO2

Example: For an individual who consumes 3 CCF of Natural Gas,
200 kWh of Electricity, and 200 gallons of gasoline in a month:
(they don't use a diesel fuel vehicle)

Approximate Carbon Footprint = (3 x 12.012) + (200 x 1.306) + (200 x 19.4)

Approximate Carbon Footprint = 4,177.2 pounds of CO2 per month

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