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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How does CalcuNATION protect my anonymity and privacy?

The website is setup for anyone to use.  You are not obligated to provide any information that you do not wish to share.  If you choose to submit a calculation or lesson plan, your name you will be recognized as just your first name and last initial.  (Example:  John Smith would be John S.)  If you wish to remain anonymous, that is no problem, simply submit your calculation or submission with anonymous as your name.  

Both the calculation submission page and the lesson plan submission page have a note to enter “anonymous” as your name if you wish.

To learn more about our rules of privacy follow this link: Privacy


2. How do I submit a calculation idea?

Simply follow the link on the home page to submit a new calculation and fill out the form.  Submit a Calculation Idea 

An example of a simple calculation follow this link:  Circle Area Calculator

For an example of a unique, but more complicated calculation, follow this link:
Lawn Mowing Time Requirement Calculator


3. How are calculations chosen?

Calculation ideas are chosen based on creativity and usefulness.  Try to submit an original calculation idea that serves a useful purpose.


4. How do I know if my calculation idea was chosen?

You will receive an email with a link to the webpage that contains the resulting online calculator from your submitted idea.  If you included your name, you will be recognized at the bottom of the new calculator page.


5. What if I see an error, or have a suggestion?

We aren’t perfect, and we are constantly looking to improve the website.  If you see an error, or have a suggestion, please fill out the form located on our error submission webpage.

 Errors and Suggestions


6. How do I advertise on

Advertising: The sponsored graphic link ads on are powered by the Google AdWords program. With our education targeted audience, it would make a lot of sense to utilize for your next advertising campaign.


7. How do I write a blog?

We encourage students and teachers to share their educational experiences with others.  One of the best means to do this is through blogging. If you already have a blog that you write, we hope you will include CalcuNATION in your writing. If you don’t have a blog, but wish to contribute to mathematics and science, feel free to join the CalcuNATION blog by registering with the following link.

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