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Percentages are used in all forms of mathematics. The calculators found in this menu will use percentages in their calculation, or in the answer.

Car Payment Calculator - Calculate the monthly payment for a car loan
Compound Interest Calculator - Find the amount of interest earned with this investment calculator
Debt Ratio Calculator - Calculate the debt ratio for a home mortgage
Decimal to Fraction Calculator - Convert a number from decimal to fraction form
Degrees to Percent Calculator - Convert degrees to percent of slope
Fraction to Percent Calculator - Convert a fraction to percent
Humidity Calculator - Find the percent of moisture in the air
Minimum Home Sales Price Calculator - Calculate the minimum sales price of a home
Mortgage Payment Calculator (Fixed Rate) - Calculate your payment on a home loan
Mortgage PITI Payment Calculator (Fixed Rate) - Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance
Mortgage Total Cost Loan Calculator (Fixed Rate) - Calculate the total cost over the life of a loan
Percent to Degrees Calculator - Convert percent of slope to degrees of angle with this calculator
Percent to Fraction Calculator - Convert a percentage to a fraction
Pitch Calculator - Find the percent of pitch with this calculator
Profit Calculator - Find the profit margin and profit markup from cost and sales price
Profit Margin - Calculate the sales price from a desired profit margin
Profit Markup - Calculate the sales price from a desired profit markup
Return On Investment Calculator - Calculate the ROI with this investment calculator
Total Cost Loan Calculator - Calculate the total cost over the life of a loan

Oftentimes a standard calculator isn’t enough to solve complex math problems, especially when they do little more than simple addition and subtraction; if this sounds like an all-too-familiar predicament, a percentage calculator could save you time and frustration. The best part is you don’t have to buy the calculator because it’s free on!

Most Common Uses for a Percentage Calculator

Looking for a way to easily calculate the long-term total of the monthly interest for a loan? How about the amount of interest an investment would earn? Having easy access to find the answers to these questions is necessary if you want to make wise investments and know what kind of loans are within your budget. Rather than rely on a standard calculator, use a percentage change calculator we have here.
To use a percent calculator, select the type from the list that you want. Once you click on the percent change calculator of your choice, fill in the provided boxes. The information you’ll need to provide is clearly marked. For example, one may ask you to provide the number of years a loan has for repayment, the principal loan amount and the interest rate. That’s it!
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