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Fractions are used in all forms of mathematics. The calculators in this menu will help you learn about fractions, how to use fractions, and will have fractions in their calculation, or in their answer.

Adding Fractions Calculator - Learn how to add fractions
Decimal to Fraction Calculator - Convert a number from decimal to fraction form
Dividing Fractions Calculator - Learn how to divide fractions
Fraction to Decimal Calculator - Convert a fraction to decimal form
Fraction to Percent Calculator - Convert a fraction to percent
Greatest Common Factor Calculator - Find the greatest common factor or divisor
Multiplying Fractions Calculator - Learn how to mulitply fractions
Percent to Fraction Calculator - Convert a percentage to a fraction
Simplify Fractions Calculator - Reduce fractions to their simplest form
Subtracting Fractions Calculator - Learn how to subtract fractions

Fractions can be a frustrating part of math problems. They can be especially frustrating if you don't grasp the basics of fractions before you start to work on more complex fraction problems. Knowing how to relate fractions with a common denominator by finding the greatest common factor is very important to master before working on complex fraction problems.

If difficulty with fractions sounds like an all-too-familiar predicament, a fraction calculator could help you in time and frustration. With we provide basic fraction calculators, and more complex online calculators that use fractions to calculate an an answer.

Most Common Uses for a Fraction Calculator

Have you ever had to add or subtract fractions when you're working with lenghts? How would contractors build a house properly without knowing how to add 1/16th of an inch to 1/2 of an inch? How about cooking? How often do you need to adjust recipes to find out how to make half a serving rather than a whole serving? Having easy access to find the answers to these questions is necessary. Rather than rely on a standard calculator, use a fractions calculator we have here.
To use a fraction calculator, select the type from the list that you want. Once you click on the online fractions calculator of your choice, fill in the provided boxes. The information you’ll need to provide is clearly marked. For example, most of the above calculators will ask you to provide the number for the numerator and a number for the denominator. Simply fill in the required information and calculate. That’s it!
Our online calculators make a great resource for calculation formulas, so bookmark this page today.
Browse through the fraction calculators to find an online fractions calculator that will help with your percent related math problems.